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DeSmogBlog & Grinzo Alarmists misunderrepresent FoGT

After a good month online, we were finally picked up by others - and received honourable mentions by alarmists and misinformers Desmogblog and Lou Grinzo (see bottom of page). Thanks guys, nevertheless! We have firmly established us as the 5th bestest climate denial blog in Calgary (behind the Fraser Institute, the Calgary Petroleum Club, the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, and the Prosperity Cancer Institute...where all the local crazies hang out).

A word about our logo, it should be made clear that it's not the CO2 molecule - CO2 does not exist. It is, rather, the G2T molecule: two atoms of gin and one of tonic (because at FoGT, we only synthesize doubles).

Climate deniers like us are minorities that always appreciate amplification of their message by the conservative echo chamber. While the Alberta Rockies with their refreshingly redneckish, progressively ultraconservative natives provide a great natural echo, our sisters of the Friends of Science (FoS) amplify our yodel in the urban canyons of Calgary.

But we would like to point your attention to a couple of other interesting denier blogs located in the echo chamber.

The brand new of the two is the ‘The Climate Scum', which expresses raw anger on the lies, falsehoods, and misrepresentations of Al Gore and his IPCC alarmists scientists. It is kind of elitist as most of it is written in Latin. Their motto is ‘Infinitus est numerous stultorum’ (the Friends of Science are unlimited in number).


The other one, the more established ‘DenialDepot’, takes a different approach towards denial compared to FoS. While FoS performs their science mainly in the letter-to-the editor sections of the Calgary Herald (climatology) newspaper, the Reservoir (non-peer reviewed comic of the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists), or the Peg (organ of the Professional Engineers), DenialDepot considers themselves as blog scientists.

Denial Depot has made some of the best contributions to blog science since the genre’s invention. Our favourites:
Guys, keep up the good denial work. And, for the case you visit Calgary, knock on our door for a concerted denial session and an en enjoyable afternoon of ad hominem attacks on Al Gore, Michael Mann, and Jim Hansen.