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News Limited Updates Genocide Smear

Attempts by climate confusionists to smear climate scientists with the odium of genocide go back go back at least Peter Sawyer's 1990 book Greenhoax. Michael Crichton did the same in his appendix to State of Fear. A more personal attack came in the Wall St Journal when Fred Seitz drew the analogy with "ethnic cleansing" to accuse IPCC author Ben Santer of "scientific cleansing". (Rupert Murdoch liked the WSJ so much that he bought it.)

Last month, NSW parliamentarian
Peter Phelps has likened climate scientists to totalitarian planners. Shortly afterwards, Viscount Monckton brilliantly outflanked warmists' attempts to silence him, by silencing himself as venues cancelled his bookings in response to his portraying climate advisor Ross Garnaut with a swastika.

Predictably, the counter-meme has been to compare the confusionists to holocaust deniers or HIV-deniers. There is of course an important distinction. Comparing climate confusionists to those spread untruths about genocide is felt to be deeply offensive. In contrast, comparing climate scientists to those who actually conducted genocide is felt to be a helpful and valid comparison.

In an effort to bring a new face to genocidal smears, News Limited's local flagship
The Australian is now using the terminology year zero to compare Prime Minister Julia Gillard to Pol Pot. With few survivors of the Nazi death camps still alive, Terry McCrann's Unilateral tax kicks off Gillard's year zero uses genocidal smears relevant to a later generation who came to Australia fleeing genocide in Cambodia [warning, this link contains matarial unsuitable for children.].

With its past confusionist efforts ranging from the "merely crap" through to the "too-ridiculous to satirize" (
IPCC linked to Match Fixing in Test Cricket), it is clear that The Australian is trying to lift its game and match the journalistic excellence of its UK stablemates [and departed stablemates, Ed.].

Prof Dr Moritz Lorenz. Sarah Palin School of Geography, Economics and Quantum Computing, University of Narbethong, West Island Campus, NZ