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Lord Monckton in the UK General Election 2010

According to information from Buckteeth Palace and some guy at DenialDepot, the previous court jester and FoS speaker Lord Monckton is running for OFFICIAL HONORARY PRIME MINISTER OF THE HOUSE OF LORDS in the upcoming United Kingdom general election, held on 6th May 2010. His campaign motto: 'Chuck it yet again, Schmidt!' Monckton is the candidate for the Plaid Cymru party, consistent with his residence in Scotland. The Canadian equivalent would be the Bloc Québécois. Says Bloc Fuhrer Gilles Duceppe from his Calgary home: "Mon mam Cymru - Anglesey, mother of Scotland"! In North America, Lord Monckton's efforts are endorsed by the Hooterville Gazette. We hope the Friends of Science will not interfere with the election through bizarre radio ads.

Says Schmidt: All this bright pink and purple is kinda gay! It gives '
ad hominem' a completely new meaning.