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PROVIDING INSIGHT Into Anthropogenic Global Warming Denial (AGWD) and War on Science (WoS) in the Calgary Oil Patch

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Things you should know about climate change denial:

We Deny! The Friends of Science Deny! The CSPG Denies! The Wildrose Alliance Denies!

The earth is cooling and the scientific debate stopped in 1998

They call it climate change, we call it global warming
CO2 is plant food, manure too
AGW is Religion
The Vikings: regional is the new global
Sea ice: 2-D is the new 3-D
The sun causes climate change
Norm Kalmanovitch was almost right about CO2
Calgary is among the world's top CO2 emitters, but who cares!
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Public relations matter! Science does not!

Our position: We are FoGT, a small but dedicated group of juniper-addicts and denial-skeptics based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, who seek to bring you the truth about global warming climate change and rye whisky (see About Us). We like to think of ourselves as a science organization; we even have a couple of PhDs on staff. Although we don’t perform any original research, we do carry out extensive literature reviews – but not from the broad body of the corrupt ‘peer reviewed’ literature. We feed instead from fringe science, the grey literature, blog diatribes, and single studies with conclusions that can be spun in our favour or ignore the mass of research that proves the opposite.
Like our intellectual siblings the creationists (note we deny we’re creationists – even though some of us are), we do not acknowledge the many disparate lines of evidence that arrive at a consistent conclusion (the so-called ‘scientific consensus’); we simply discard results that we don’t wish to believe. The bulk of the evidence for our own conclusions comes from the echo chamber of right-wing political blogs and think tanks who see global ‘climate change’ for what it is, a possible financial liability an amoral socialist hoax. When we do read real scientific research, we dissect it and cobble it back together out of context in order to deceive the public, create uncertainty, and thus delay action.

We aim to disseminate our distortions in unimpeachable organs of truth such as web blogs,
newspaper opinion columns, and non-peer-reviewed publications like The Reservoir, the monthly comic of the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG), as our heroes have done in the past. We welcome the CSPG's very own climate change denial. We intend using these media to turn opinion into fact and to manufacture truth through debate – but not debate between climate scientists, which, owing to the conspiracy of consensus, does not exist. We think slick amateur propaganda is easier to comprehend than complicated scientific relationships in dusty obscure journals. We rely on smooth-talking spin doctors unsullied by ‘relevant scientific expertise’, like the wondrous Lord Monckton, to create more public uncertainty. Why bother with facts, first-hand information and real scientists? We also believe in science by petition: quantity justifies the lack of quality. Global warming or cooling? Whatever we say!

If you are interested in our brand of science, we urge you to join the Friends of Science (FoS), our befriended anthropgenic global warming denial (AGDW) advocacy sister group just across the street. They have regular events, newsletters, sponsorship, and even run their own radio ads. Unfortunately, most of them are too old to operate the "donate" button (on the top right) properly. Here at FoGT, our motto is: together with the Friends of Science, we can be twice as far behind the times! As climate realists who find the ‘reality’ of global warming climate change impractical for our lifestyles and profits, we are associated with other realistic groups such as cancer realists and AIDS realists. We regret that membership numbers in these other groups have lately been in steep decline.

In the following pages, we hope to bring you occasional news and updates from the wonderful and frightening world of denial, and to provide you with all you need to know to become an expert in denial yourself. So thee may know thine enemy, we particularly want to make you familiar with the alarmist arguments of the so-called ‘scientific consensus’ and with the conspiracy of lies in the corrupt, stinking morass of the ‘peer-reviewed literature’. Welcome to our website – enjoy!

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