CO2 is Life

CSPG and the FoS state: CO2 is not a pollutant. It is an essential ingredient for plant growth and hence life on earth. See also this video. We fully agree.

Others, however, indicate two major problems. The first has to to with quantity. Picture hair, for example. One hair on the head is relatively few, but one hair in the soup is relatively many. So, can too much nourishment be too much? Think of your well being immediately after the Christmas holidays.
Overfertilized plants burn to death owing to slowed water absorption, when their roots have shrivelled by excess soluble salts.The second problem is that the excess CO2 in question is located at the top of the lower troposphere where it does not nourish any plants. This renders the first concern and the "ingredient for life" statement of CSPG and FoS irrelevant in the climate change context. Red herring alarm. Since the heat-trapping effect of CO2 is optimized at high altitudes, which is not a positivie effect, the US Supreme Court has ruled CO2 to be considered a pollutant.

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