Summary of Denialist Arguments deployed on this Site

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gin-tonicMicrotrends within a larger trend are generally not representative for the latter.

gin-tonicThe sun's activity cannot explain the warming in recent decades.

gin-tonicSeveral independent lines of evidence (including satellite measurements) confirm the effective greenhouse effect of CO2 and other greenhouse gases.

gin-tonicThe term climate change was coined to replace global warming by a public relations advisor to the Bush administration, because it sounds less negative

gin-tonicCO2 is essential food for cherries and other plants. But not in excess and not at high altitudes.

gin-tonicThere is no fundamentalist debate between climatolotgists, only between fake experts and amateurs around beer tables.

gin-tonicDenial tactics include conspiracy theories, fake experts, echo chambers, cherry picking, impossible expectations of science, logical fallacies, and misrepresentation of scientific research.

gin-tonic The medieval warm period (MWP) was a regional but not a global event. This local warming was cancelled out by anomalous regional cooling elsewhere. That's why the MWP is not very large in global reconstructions.

gin-tonic 2-D is not 3-D, extent is not volume. While the sea ice extent in some areas is growing from increased precipitation (owing to warming), the sea ice volumes are in retreat.

gin-tonic Deniers, who typically belong to the (religious) right, project their own behaviour patterns and world views into climate scientists and people who understand the science behind AGW. Hence proponents are falsely accused of profit making (research grants) and religious beliefs justifying alleged junk science at a global scale.

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