People of the FoS
Here we will successively characterize our sister group Friends of Science (FoS) and their scientific advisors in detail.

Norm Kalmanovitch, scientific advisor:
Norm has the most prolific output, be it letters to the editor in the Calgary Herald, the Peg, or contribution to some webblogs. He characterizes himshelf: "I am a practicing geophysicist with over 45 years of experience operating at a very basic scientific and academic level. From this simplistic and pragmatic perspective..." While Norm admits some deficits, he is frequently accused of basic logical fallacies in his writeups and has been referred to as misguided in the PEG, the magazine of APEGGA.
Some feel that Norm is a truly faithful supporter of our troops in Absurdistan who turns opinion into fact - and that there are frequently 50 cents missing to the dollar - but we do not share this opinion of the elitist establishment. We may acknowledge that, in his enthusiasm, he fails to distinguish global and local, short term and long term, two dimensional and three dimenstional, and he ignores absolute temperatures. Norm stands half way up the stairway, concluding that, because the stair is flat, the whole staircase is flat, too. But these are insignificant shortcomings that make him a likeable fellow, wrongly portrayed by some as an angry, opinionated, clueless idiot. 

Dr. Douglas Leahey, president: He should really be a friend of the debate. Douglas loves the debate, anybody who dissents with the FoS' views should debate with some obscure Lord Monckton in his opinion. Well, it has to be Monckton vs. whoever, because he will hardly find any two fundamentally opposed scientists, owing to the so-called scientific consensus. We love the debate, too, but would rather see Jack Nicholson, Mary Poppins, or Luke Skywalker as default opponent. The debate between amateurs actually matters for the scientific relationships and facts, and the laws of physics. Opinion into facts! Hay into gold! Debate makes so-called scientists and peer-reviewed magazines redundant and will save the tax payer billions in the long run. Eliminate the elite! We should also debate radioactive decay, diabetes, relativity, and gravity. Maybe, thereafter, we can jump out of a plane without a parachute. Intriguing chap. May not be happy, though, as Norm Kalmanovitch recently admitted defeat in a debate with Freiherr von Monckhausen.

Ken Gregory, director:
Ken dissects scientific research and re-cobbles it together out of context on the FoS Website. He pre-chews it so to speak for the general public, but not without adding his own spin. This kind of brainwashing is brilliant. Ken is a big role model for the Friends of Gin & Tonic. Keep up the good work.
flat earth

Dr. A. Neil Hutton, past president of the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists: Denial right at the source - pragmatic. Our compliments! Neil took the scientific literature dissection and recobbling a step beyond Ken Gregory's attempts and composed "Climate Change", the ultimative Calgary deniers' bible, for which he was warmly thanked by the CSPG. In analogy to the London Drugs TV ads: Neil Hutton's climate change is everything you need to know. Neil, please submit your opus to the Geophysical Research Letters, we deniers need some credibility after all.

Albert Jacobs, director: Albert co-authored the CSPG's denial backgrounder. Albert told journalist Charles Montgomery he suspects that the Kyoto Accord was devised as a tool by United Nations to push the world towards a world socialist government by the UN.

Dr. Barry Cooper, affiliate, mentor of prime minister Stephen Harper: Barry bluntly says it "global warming is a hoax". We agree! And Jesus is crying up the sea level!

Dr. S. Fred Singer, scientific advisor: Dr. Singer is the FoS’s link between climate change denial and the dangers-of-second-hand-smoke denial.
Once a respected space scientist, he has regressed to cadet, critics say. Dr. Singer, having consulted for several oil companies for 20 years, claims that the only money he received from the oil industry derived from salad oil. We hope it was extra virgin! As a contractor to the tobacco industry, he was instrumental in defending the industry’s views on health issues from cigarettes (source: Dr. Singer's activities were reported by the CBC's 5th Estate. Dear FoS, give your grandchildren a carton of ciggies – they are harmless.

Pecuniae Obediunt Omnia!